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Public Safety Solutions

Telex is the leading manufacturer of IP control for two-way radio communications and dispatch console solutions. Based on a distributive architecture, Telex dispatch console systems have flexibility, scalability, and redundant capability based on the network. Telex is a leader in the provision and integration of simple to complex, mission-enabling public safety systems and solutions that help first responders and critical decision makers communicate and collaborate, real-time, across organizational and jurisdictional boundaries, safely and securely.

We deploy dispatch solutions for law enforcement, fire and EMS services, emergency operations centers (EOCs), mobile communication vehicles, and crisis management centers across the world. Telex radio dispatch consoles integrate a complex network of resources into a single system, giving operators an easy way to control multiple radio channels, telephones, paging encoders, intercoms, video, and informational assets.

Telex offers the ability to interface to a variety of radio manufacturerP25correctsizes radios, including but not limited to Motorola™, Kenwood®, Icom, EF Johnson®, and many others. The radio infrastructures we are able to provide dispatch integration include analog, digital, P25, MOTOTRBO™, Motorola™ SmartNet/SmartZone, Nexedge, NXDN, iDEN™, and Tetra. Our IP based C-Soft console also interfaces in to E911 systems, allowing dispatchers to utilize a single headset for both telephone and radio providing ease of operation.

Signaling, alerting, paging, and text messaging are all standard features, not sold as extra options. Consoles include a built-in Instant Recall Recorder (IRR) allowing dispatchers to playback an field unit's receive audio traffic.

Telex adheres to P25 standards, allowing our consoles to connect to IP base stations and repeaters using DFSI protocols. This technology enables a direct IP link between our consoles and the remote transmitter for enhanced P25 features including PTT ID's, emergency receive, call alerts, and private calls.

Systems from Telex are scalable, and can grow as your operation and agency needs and requirements expand. By eliminating the need for a Central Electronics Bank (CEB), Telex systems are capable of operating in a "no single point of failure" mode. All components operate independently from one another, eliminating any client-server scenarios.

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C-Soft Software IP Dispatch Console
Software IP Dispatch Console
C-Soft is the industry’s most flexible and capable software dispatch console, and is the perfect application for any dispatch environment. C-Soft delivers all of the dispatch capabilities you expect while also giving you the flexibility that only an IP-based software console can provide: simple and quick deployment in the field, easy back-up of communications assets, and the ability to save multiple configurations on a single computer. This proven application has been deployed in communication centers around the world in applications from 911 dispatch to mobile command centers and transportation management.
IP-224 Dual IP Remote Adapter Panel
Dual IP Remote Adapter Panel
Telex is pleased to announce the global launch of the IP-224, the next generation of Ethernet adapter panel to form the heart of the Telex dispatch system. This addition to its dispatch line will ensure Telex remains the industry’s most reliable, scalable, and flexible family of products for coordinating critical communications.  As the successor to the hugely successful IP-223, the IP-224 allows the interfacing of multiple radios, satellite and cellular devices, intercoms, mass notification systems, and existing dispatch consoles and security equipment. The optional C-Soft software platform allows users to get the most out of the IP-224, enabling complete, customized, cross-platform ROIP/VOIP communications connectivity and control from a single position, all via Ethernet. The IP-224’s sleek new design combines compact form with comprehensive functionality, allowing easy installation, operation, and servicing. The unit may be rack-mounted or placed directly on a desktop, and is equipped with an LCD display to clearly provide user feedback when programming. VU meters are also provided via the display for alignment purposes. All other configurations are completed in the web browser configuration windows. The IP-224 performs a wide variety of other tasks related to using radios on a digital network, including state-of-the-art system diagnostics, and integrates seamlessly with Telex’s full range of peripheral dispatch equipment. Key features such as a Linux-based operating system and Backward compatibility with existing systems continue to make Telex Radio Dispatch system the most Flexible and Scalable in the market. Visit the IP-224 microsite
C-6200 IP/Analog Hybrid Console
IP/Analog Hybrid Console
The C-6200 is a unique platform in the dispatch industry that can function as either an IP-based or an analog console, giving you the flexibility to deploy it in numerous settings. Perfect for any small to midsized operation, the C-6200 offers world-class dispatch capability and can even be configured to bridge analog and IP assets within a single unit. It’s also the perfect hardware console back-up to the Nexus IP Dispatch Position. The C-6200 requires no CEB or additional CPU equipment for operation. All the processing and control capabilities are completely self-contained within the unit. Requires a gooseneck microphone, desktop microphone, or dispatch headset for operation—all sold separately
IP-1616 Compact IP Based Console
Compact IP Based Console
The IP-1616 is a workhorse console that offers all the dispatch features and control that you would expect from a larger, more expensive solution. Multiple IP-1616s can be used to control larger operations. Its smaller desktop footprint takes up less room at the workstation, but still offers all the dispatch capabilities and controls you need. The IP-1616 requires no CEB or additional CPU equipment for operation. All processing and control capabilities are completely self-contained within the unit. Requires a gooseneck desktop microphone or dispatch headset for operation—all sold separately.
IP-2002 Telephone IP Based Console
Telephone IP Based Console
The perfect footprint for smaller operations or supervisory monitoring situations, the IP-2002 is an IP-based dispatch console in a familiar desktop telephone form factor. Dispatchers using the IP-2002 can initiate a crosspatch between the two lines as well as inject audio into the crosspatch. A simple Ethernet connection places the IP-2002 on the network. The IP-2002 requires no CEB or additional CPU equipment for operation—all the processing and control capabilities are completely self-contained within the unit. The console comes with a handset and panel mic. Other microphone options are sold separately.

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Telex is part of the Bosch Communications Systems family of brands, offering the world's most complete portfolio of professional audio and communications solutions.

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