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Feature-packed modular ANR headset

Superior Sound Quality

The Telex Ascend features automatically limited speaker output, high-bandwidth frequency response, and an advanced noise reduction system.

Modular Design

It’s easy to experience the unmatched flexibility of the Ascend. A simple procedure allows you to change the connector, remove the boom or add a battery.

FAA/TSO C139 Approved

The Telex Ascend has been meticulously designed and rigorously tested to meet the FAA TSO standards necessary for use in commercial aircraft.

Active Noise Reduction*

Ascend's advanced noise reduction system specifically targets common cockpit noises such as wind noise and avionics cooling fans. ANR can be powered by either mic bias or rechargeable battery module. *Available on ANR models only.

Multiple Applications

The Telex Ascend is ideal for use in the cockpit or the cabin. The highly flexible design enables users to swap connectors and use the same professional-grade headset for commercial flying or personal audio applications.

Three Year Warranty

The Ascend is covered by a full three-year warranty. The solid construction is designed to prevail through the thousands of hours of flying time that dedicated pilots endure.

Fold Flat Swivel Design

Ascend's unique chassis features pivoting earcups, ensuring a snug, custom-fit for the user. The earcups pivot a full 180°, enabling the headset to fold flat for compact storage.


The Ascend can change as your requirements change. A two-plug version used in a business or commercial jet will work just as well as when converted to a single-plug version for an Airbus.

Versions Available

The Ascend is available in three different configurations: single-sided, dual-sided, and dual-sided with ANR (Active Noise Reduction).
Acoustic Quality No spurious sounds with 10mW to speaker, 350Hz - 6kHz
Color Black
Connector Flexibility > 25000 cycles
Cord Flexibility No damage when coiled
Cord Length 5.91 ft (1.8 m)
Drop Resistance No failures after 12 drops from 1m onto concrete floor
FAA TSO Approvals C139
Final Distortion Meets mic and speaker distortion requirements after applicable environmental tests of DO-160 Receives power from boom microphone connection (microphone equipped versions only)
Headset/Handset Isolation < 2 mV at mic with 10mW to speaker
Headsets & Handsets with Active Circuits Meets speaker requirements with ANR on or off
Impedance at Plug 600 Ω ±20%
Insulation Resistance > 10 MΩ between exposed materials and electrical circuit
Microphone Distortion < 5 % @ 114dB SPL, 350Hz - 6kHz
Microphone Frequency Response 100Hz - 10kHz per DO-214
Microphone Sensitivity -28 ±3dBV/Pa dBV/Pa @ 1kHz
Microphone Type Noise-Cancelling Electret
Noise Level < 1 mV RMS
Noise Reduction ≤ 12 dB
Overload 300 mW @ 1kHz, 8hr
Pullout Strength > 22.05 lbs (10 kg)
Speaker Dynamic
Speaker Distortion < 10 % @ 110dB SPL, 350Hz - 3kHz
Speaker Frequency Response ± 6 dB 350Hz - 3kHz
Speaker Sensitivity 90 ±5dB SPL/mW standard volume setting
Weight 8 oz (226.8 g)
XLR Panel Power/Input Power 6 mA @28 Vdc



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Telex Ascend Brochure 814 KB | October 4, 2011

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Plane and Pilot Tech Talk 93 KB | October 18, 2011

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Ascend 3.11 MB | November 6, 2014
Ascend 5Pin XLR Module 2.38 MB | November 6, 2014
Ascend Double Stero Module 2.23 MB | November 6, 2014
Ascend Headset Module 4.76 MB | November 6, 2014
Ascend Mini Stereo Module 2.16 MB | November 6, 2014
Ascend Tech Flat 5.78 MB | November 6, 2014
AscendHeadsets_TelexDSan.png 2.99 MB | November 6, 2014
AscendHeadsets_TelexDSfr.png 2.4 MB | November 6, 2014
AscendHeadsets_TelexSSan.png 2.42 MB | November 6, 2014
AscendHeadsets_TelexSSfr.png 2.01 MB | November 6, 2014
AscendHeadsets_TelexSSle.png 2.98 MB | November 6, 2014

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Ascend Manual 2 MB | July 6, 2012

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Allgemeine Lieferbedingungen 184 KB | November 30, 2016
Asia/Pacific Service Policies 2.62 MB | September 4, 2018

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EMEA BT Service Policies 227 KB | June 11, 2018
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